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Carrington Mobile Theme For WordPress is the most common mobile theme used by Nigerian blogs, sometimes last year, I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to manipulate/customize Carrington mobile theme for wordpress here, I believe many found it really useful as I got a lot of feedbacks and comments. Based on the requests I got, I decided to play around the theme, gave it a face lift. A demo is running here or checkout the screenshots below. You can follow the instructions in my previous post to install and customize the template further but if you’re stucked at any point u can always drop a comment here. I’ll be glad to help 🙂


Why Carrington theme is the best for blogs?

  • It has a simple and clean look.
  • Because it doesn’t show much details, it loads very fast which is good for SEO (I went further to optimize this version to load even faster)
  • It is easy to customize (your PHP & CSS knowledge is the only limit u
  • It’s free to use 😀
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A copy of the template is live on this website(click here), Here are screenshots of what the template looks like after customization.

customized carrington mobile theme2
customized carrington mobile theme3
customized carrington mobile theme4

Download Customized Carrington Mobile theme (without featured image on homepage) here .


Download Customized Carrington Mobile theme (with featured image on homepage) here .


How to Increase the Number of Posts on Carrington Homepage

To increase the number of posts on Carrington homepage (or wordpress homepage generally),

  • Login to your dashboard, click on Settings>>Reading, and look for a field called “Blog pages show at most” Change from 10 to the number of post u would like to show on your homepage. Kindly read this post to learn more tips & tricks on how to customize carrington mobile theme
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I hope you like it! Kindly suggest what you think I should add/remove via comment. Spread d good news, Share with friends 🙂

PS: If you need a custom solutions, custom design/template for your website, you can hire me here

Thanks & God Bless 🙂

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