How to hack Multiply bitcoin in


Hello guys,  i see that is paying a little amount of bitcoins, that’s why today i’am going to show you a little method to increase your earning from !
First of all, to use this method you must be a referral from me, so please register using this link :
Register On 
Second, now go and get a free ammount of Satochies using the Free BTC option ( at least you must have 100 satoshies ), and go to Multiply BTC and  click on F12 ( the button located on the top of your keyboard) then paste this code and click enter :
Download Javascript Code

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So it will be like this :

so the autobeting will start but this scrip is like a bot so even you lose some money,the script will recover those bitcons also it will add some of bitcons to the amount then you will not lose anything just earning

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