Webcraftic Clearfy Business 1.7.3 NULLED – optimization plugin for WordPress



Webcraftic Clearfy Business 1.7.3 NULLED - optimization plugin for WordPress

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Webcraftic Clearfy commercial enterprise is a especially customizable, flexible WordPress device that, when mixed with other optimization plugins, can dramatically enhance your website in many ways.

information: https://ru.clearfy.pro/ OPTIMIZE seo AND the velocity OF YOUR web page IN 5 mins – smooth your web page code from garbage; – put off WordPress vulnerabilities; – pace ​​up indexing in engines like google; – restoration insects of other plugins; – Make your WordPress easier, extra convenient and faster.

Features of Webcraftic Clearfy Business Plugin


  • Disable RSS feeds – disables RSS if you use WordPress to create a website and you don’t need a blog.
  • Disable Rest API – Disables the Rest API and removes Rest API links from the code if you are not managing WordPress externally.
  • Disable Emojis – emojis generate unnecessary code and slow down the site, even if you have not set a single emoji.
  • Remove jQuery Migrate – If you are using several popular plugins that are regularly updated, then you can safely uninstall.
  • Disable Embeds – If you are not embedding videos in posts or pages, disable.
  • Remove DNS-prefetch – may speed uploading of images in some cases.
  • Remove RSD Link – If you are creating posts and pages in WordPress, then you do not need the Real Simple Discovery feature.
  • Remove wlwmanifest link is unnecessary on 99% of sites if you publish articles and posts through the WordPress interface.
  • Remove short links – if you use permalinks, you don’t need short links.
  • Remove links next, previous entry – remove if you are not using a blog.
  • Remove .recentcomments styles – remove if you want to change the styles of the “Related Posts” widget.
  • Html compression – compresses the code, speeds up the loading of the site.
  • WordPress Sanitization – Removes invalid and malicious characters from URLs and filenames.
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  • Set alt attribute automatically – sets the alt attribute for all images in the post and page if there is no alt.
  • Create the right robots.txt for WordPress – helps to create the perfect Robots.txt to improve the indexing of what you want and close the excess.
  • Auto Insert Last Modified Header – Helps search engines understand which posts and pages were last edited and read them first.
  • Return header If-Modified-Since – improves indexing by informing search engines that pages and posts have changed.
  • Remove Duplicate Headings in Breadcrumbs Yoast SEO – Cuts the page or post title from breadcrumbs.
  • Remove the image: image tag from the XML sitemap of the Yoast SEO plugin – eliminates sitemap errors in Yandex Webmaster.
  • Disable JSON-LD Links – Prevents Google from generating extended page links in the search snippet.
  • Disable Yoast SEO Structured Data – Disables structured company data generated by Yoast SEO.
  • Remove Yoast SEO comments from the head section – removes from the code the data that your site is optimized by the Yoast SEO plugin.


  • Delete archives of dates – completely delete archives of dates and puts redirection on the main page.
  • Delete author archives – completely removes the archives of the author of the site and puts the redirect to the main page. Useful if the author of the site is one.
  • Delete tag archives – deletes tag archives and redirects to the main page of the site.
  • Remove Attachment Pages – By default, each media file has its own page. Clearfy removes it and redirects to the page where this media file is inserted.
  • Remove pagination of records – no pagination is needed within one record. Better to delete it and make some entries.
  • Delete? Replytocom – eliminates duplicate comments in posts.
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  • Remove meta generator (WordPress version) – hides your WordPress version.
  • Remove version from style files – – complicates the work of an attacker who wants to hack your site.
  • Removing the version of javascript files – it is more difficult for a hacker to determine the version of installed plugins and hack the site.
  • Remove Querystrings – helps plugins to cache JS and CSS faster and speed up website loading.
  • Remove Html comments – an attacker will not be able to determine the versions of themes and plugins from comments in the code.


  • ability to find out the author’s login complicates the hacking process. It is more difficult for a hacker to find out your username.
  • Hide errors when entering the site – as a result, the attacker does not understand what he entered incorrectly, username, or password.
  • Disable XML-RPC – Disables pingbacks and trackbacks.
  • Remove X-Pingback Link – removes the link and the ability to spam with pingbacks.


  • Remove default widgets – removes WordPress widgets entirely or selectively (Links, Archives, Meta, Search, etc.)


  • Automatic plugin updates – enable and you no longer need to think about plugin updates.
  • Disable plugin update – plugins stop updating and notify about updates. You can disable the update of all plugins or each individually.
  • Auto-update themes – All your themes will update automatically.
  • Disable theme updates – all your themes will stop updating and notify you about updates.
  • Disable Translation Updates – Disables automatic updating of translations for themes and plugins.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates – Your WordPress will update automatically.
  • Disable WordPress Updates – completely disables WordPress updates.
  • Disable update notifications – Users who do not have permission to update themes, plugins and WordPress will not receive update notifications.


  • Disable Comments – Allows you to completely disable WordPress comments altogether or for selected post types.
  • Delete Comments – completely removes WordPress comments.
  • Close Comments – completely closes WordPress comments and removes the “Comments” section from the left WordPress menu.
  • Remove the “Site” field in the comment form – removes the Site field of the comment author.
  • Replace external links in comments with javascript code (URLspan method) – all external links in comments are reliably closed from indexing by search engines.
  • Replace external links of comment authors with javascript code (URLspan method) – search engines stop indexing links to the comment author’s site.
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  • Disable admin notifications – hides all or selected notifications in the WordPress admin panel.


  • Disable Heartbeat API – completely disables the Heartbeat feature.
  • Limit Heartbeat API – Limit the frequency of Heartbeat API requests.


  • Remove, hide, or disable the top bar – completely disables the Adminbar when browsing the site.
  • Remove the WordPress logo from the admin bar – removes the WordPress logo, which prevents accidental clicks on it.
  • Replace “Hello” text with “Welcome” – changes the WordPress welcome text to be more presentable and respectful.


  • Disable Revisions – completely disables record / page revisions.
  • Set revision limit – limits the number of revisions per record/page.
  • Disable autosave – disables autosaves when editing posts and pages.
  • Disable “Smart quotes” – disables the automatic insertion of “typographic quotes”.
  • Disable automatic paragraphs (i.e. p tags) – disables automatic text formatting.


  • Disable unnecessary themes and plugin styles – you can selectively disable styles where they are not needed and speed up the site.
  • Disable unnecessary theme and plugin scripts – disable scripts in whole or in part and optimize the loading of your site.

Webcraftic Clearfy Business 1.7.3 NULLED


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